Alexis Buck

Ascension Symptoms & Cosmic Weather: Bridging Spirit & Science

Alexis will share her research after years of publicly tracking interstellar and Earth frequencies, using public participation and scientific data. Her goal is to educate people on the influence of these energies and continue to research claims that we are undergoing an energetic shift as a solar system and a consciousness evolution on Earth!

“I love to share these simple but powerful insights to help more people surf the cosmic waves with awareness!”
Alexis Buck

Alexis engages with community participation and feedback to capture the shifts in our mind, body, and spirit, during these reported energetic events, including geomagnetic storms, alterations of the Schumann Resonances, and celestial events. 

Alexis has found that people report an array of “symptoms” during these times that are unexplained from other influences in their lives. Overall, Alexis shares that this awareness of cosmic weather has helped numerous people rethink their medicine and avoid fear during bodily events. It’s also helped with empowering individuals to get their vibration healthier so the events cause less side effects.

More on Alexis; She is a developing psychic medium and psychology university graduate. She decided to release herself from further academia and produce her own study using social media to the observe the effects of space weather. She used herself as the primary subject and encourages sharing from the audience to broaden the data gathered. Her Ascension Diaries page has 7k people on Facebook, 4K people on Instagram, and 3k people on YouTube. Many similar pages have started since her research has begun to help others use this information. She’s done multiple podcast appearances and presented at the 2019 Dimensions of Disclosure event.

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Please join Alexis during Resonate Fest 2019 to get more intel about where to look for cosmic weather updates and to recognize if you’re being touched by the phenomena of electromagnetic Earth shifts! “