Amanda Kimimila

Star Altar Ceremonial Calendar

How to work with natural rhythms of the Earth, Moon, and Cosmic Alignments through prayer and manifestation. We will be sharing ancestral and universal wisdoms about the laws of creation and how to work with this system throughout the year for healing understanding and personal growth.

Amanda Kimimila is the Founder of the School of Light, Medicine Dreams Mystery School, and For the Next 7 Generations, Amanda has dedicated her time to being of service to others by facilitating spaces of healing, remembrance, Earth guardianship, and community building. Amanda has completed her Reiki mastership, and has been a public speaker on the subjects of health, spirituality, healing, and environmental advocacy. She is a SunDancer, intuitive astrologer, Akashic records reader, facilitator of shamanic journeying, and a sacred sound Alchemist. She has been an initiate of the healing arts and the Star Altar for 10 years, and travels all over the country to co-create, and facilitate healing, and learning through the Ancestral and Universal wisdoms.