Amanda Smith

Elemental Anatomy

It is my intention that during this presentation, we review the “wireless anatomy of man” through elemental terms, in compliance with Polarity Therapy teachings. We will move through each element and get a sensory/palpable experience with each of them. The intention of this workshop is to empower people to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening and presenting in their lives.

More can be found at my website I began a deep healing journey in 2012 after becoming completely fed up with not feeling well and not being fulfilled in the world. I studied Holistic Nutrition, and then moved into Polarity Therapy, and finished my schooling with massage. Polarity Therapy has been the single greatest tool in my awakening process and understanding of the micro and macro human experience. Grateful to share this work in the world.

Amanda will also be teaching a morning meditation in the women’s Red Tent, as we breath through our energy bodies and clear through each element.