Bhairavi Shera

Decoding the Language of Fear

Fear is the single most detrimental energy that holds us back from everything that we have ever wanted in our lives. Fractals of fear programmed through our environmental experiences as young children have dismantled our trust in Self and the true creative power we wield through our voice and written expression. This workshop will teach you self-analysis methods to deconstruct your fear, helping you to decode the way you use language for healing and reconnection to your Source. Your communication intelligence will be upgraded to unlock key codes of your unique soul signature supporting you in discovering and activating your individual purpose here on the planet.

Bhairavi Shera is a Transformational Coach, New Earth Teacher and Master of Recoding Language. Her focus is healing trauma that are revealed in language patterns realigning energy towards highest, most authentic truth and expression. Shera’s devotion to self-inquiry and healing began early in life as she was introduced to Bhakti Yoga being raised with the philosophy of Jainism. The foundation of her spirituality has served her in acquiring education in many realms of human and spiritual development including Reiki Master Teacher Holy Fire III, Holistic Plant-Based Nutrition, Dynamic Bodywork, shamanism via sacred ceremonial plant teachers and formal psychic intuition mastery training.

Shera completed a Master of Science in Education in 2009 with a focus on Communication Disorders providing her with proficiency in understanding language acquisition, cognitive-communication distortion and neuro-cognitive rehabilitation. Through her career as a clinician, she has served the entire lifespan of ages from 3 months – 106. Currently, Bhairavi Shera serves the collective by decoding the language of fear to unlock visionary power towards a lighted, harmonious and peaceful world, one human at a time.