Cassie Mavis

Dance Your SASS!

Sat. 3:00 PM in the RED TENT

Dance class that empowers women to feel sensually alive in their bodies and have FUN doing it. Our spirituality includes our sensuality and when these two worlds meet we can truly walk with confidence and feel empowered in our body, mind and spirit. This class awakens every chakra while offering movement that invites women to experience more freedom expressing and embodying their playful, sassy and sensual nature.

Cassie has been on a spiritual and healing path for over 25 years with dance as one of my primary reflecting teachers. As a performer and teacher of the Sacred Art of Belly Dance I have healed and transformed multiple layers of fear and self-doubt. The art of burlesque came into my world while living in San Diego and I performed with “A Bit of Burlesque Dance Company”. This style brought up deeper levels of fear expressing my sensuality through dance. More layers unpeeled and healed. I love blending belly dance with sassy, classy, jazzy burlesque and Dance Your SASS was born. I taught in San Diego for many years. With dance in my blood it didn’t take long to bring Dance Your SASS to Sedona. I taught this class for 3 years. Then it was time for a break. Now it is time to reawaken this style. As each woman embodies more of their Divine Feminine Essence and as we claim our nature as sensual beings we breathe life more deeply into our walk, our talk, our way of being… in a world that needs a Divine Empowered Feminine presence. Dance and movement are powerful tools offering ways to explore and transform this relationship with ourSELVES. A practitioner of the healing arts: Eden Energy medicine, Chakra clearing and balancing, energy healing, integrative massage therapy, acupressure, reiki master… a Vipassana meditator and a seeker on the path for over 25 years doing my own inner personal work, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my teaching style with the primary purpose of empowering women to shine and have fun expressing their playful, sassy and sensual nature.