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What others have said about Resonate Festival…

Ramona Stone I just can’t thank everyone and the Universe enough! I had such a magical time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stephanie Phelps is with Jeva Uqualla. The Resonate Festival held over the weekend was a great event and even better when I got to visit with an old friend, Uqualla. I also enjoyed sharing my presentation on the crystal skulls.

Danny Picard is at Jackpot Ranch. I arrived at the location of Resonate Festival last night. People were starting to decompress from a long day of setting up. The vibe was golden-self care-sleepy-magical. The story of his this all came to be is beautiful. In the 23 years of being at electronic music events, this feels so different. Jason Jade Lyons followed a vision and a dream that is very potent. It is one I resonate with deeply.

The venue; spectacular 
The lineup; spectacular
The presentations; spectacular
The vibe; peaceful, loving, and aligned with faith

I love being here, even though it has just been one night. I’m more than happy to help them in any way they need. This is the type of vision I gladly have no problem with helping. It is aligned with my own. I am excited to be a part of it. I am excited for Jade’s vision becoming actualized. Tip of the hat to him, Christy and all the others here holding space for people to live in love. This is going to be very magical. It already is and it hasn’t even started. 

Greg A Jay – This is what you missed…BUTT I GOT TOLD YOUR IN the wonderful folks, my new luv muffins ? are going to do it again next season… Christy Grace and Jason Jade Lyons gave my whole family and tribe HOPE , FAITH , LOVE and a sacred space to share this with you and your family….PUMA tribe is behind this 100%