Cristina Lorefice

Laughter is a Serious Blissness

Participants are taken on a fluid journey into the movements of health, joy and connectedness, using intentional laughter. Sessions are filled with positive and life-affirming interactions. Laughter is the glue between all activities, and it is used as a form of elective exercise. There are no jokes or comedy. Cristina uses Laughter Breathing exercises, movement, dance and playfulness. This can be done standing or seated. No equipment or particular articles of clothing are required. A typical intervention lasts 45 minutes to one hour.

Cristina Lorefice AKA Giggles is an expert Laughologist. Her strength and learning come from her personal life experiences, those are her most precious degrees. She an accredited member of the British Association of Counseling. She has a degree in Person-Centered Counseling from Middlesex University in the UK.

She is a  trained as a Solution Focused Brief Therapist, a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapist (MBCT) a Couple Counselor and a Laughter Leader. She has worked within the Mental Health field and Domestic Violence since 2006 and have helped a multitude of people with a variety of diagnoses from all walks of life. As part of her Journey she learned that  the practice of Intentional Laughter gave her the freedom to express her joy and her playfulness. It enormously helped her to restore her inner laughter,  align herself to her true essence and the Divine.

Cristina Lorefice

Laughter Meditation has transformed her life. It has become her Mantra, her Spiritual practice, the answer when faced with life challenges. Life happens and we need to laugh on and see things in a more lighthearted manner. This is what Intentional Laughter does. It rewires your brain to a more positive outlook. She breaths it, practices it and walks it. Healing does not have to be such a serious business! Let’s add sparks of fun, playfulness, laughter and giggles and let’s stop taking ourselves so damn seriously! She believes that by laughing together we erase negative vibrations and recharge not only ourselves but the world around us. Laugh at Thyself is her motto.