Danny Picard

Forgiveness Is Sexy 

Do people truly know how to forgive? If you have forgiven, why does that certain pattern keep repeating in life?  What is forgiveness really? When we “forgive” or make the effort to forgive, we often just push things aside to allow peace within our lives. However, memories are stored within the cellular memory and DNA of the body and most importantly, the subconscious mind. How do we embrace our new found space of joy? What is the importance of self-forgiveness? What benefits can we reach by letting go and fully releasing trapped memories that need to be let go. In this workshop, Danny will guide the audience through a discussion. His voice is highly coded with the divine energies of Source. With the discussion, the energy starts moving and people start releasing things that have been yearning to be released. After the discussion, Danny will guide people through an alchemical healing which will release many trapped patterns, programs and stories associated with pain, trauma, and anything not in alignment with the heart. How do we get out of karmic loops? Let Danny take you through a soulful journey of release and liberation.

Alchemy Of The Heart: The importance of Heart Coherence

In these times the importance of being heart-centered is real. How do we increase our abilities to love ourselves? How do I heal my heart? What is the importance of the heart? What does a coherent, heart-centered experience look like and feel like? In this workshop, Danny will discuss the importance of the heart, ascension, healing, heliophysics and the electromagnetic affect of the sun with emotions, spiritual evolution and self-empowerment. The audience will be guided into hypnotherapy session to assist in heart coherence. This workshop is all about spiritual and energetic heart technologies. It is one thing to talk about it, it is another to apply what we talk about so you can live a joyful life. 

Danny Picard CHt, OM know as the “healer’s healer” is a Spiritual Teacher and Influencer, Hypnotherapist, Energy Medicine Specialist, Consciousness Wizard, Highly-Tuned Empath, Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master and Master Metatronia Therapist, He is one of 8 official Metatronia Workshop Facilitators on the planet and the only male doing so. He is an Initiate of the Order of Melchizadek, Producer of Heart-Warming Growth and Giggles, Unicorn Wrangler, and Spiritual Life Coach with focus on energetic sensitivity and Spiritual Awakening. With 23 years as a long-time meditator and 21 years of energy healing experience, Danny now specifically works with assisting doctors, psychotherapists and other healers in self-healing programs to avoid “burn out” and improving their abilities to assist others through heart coherence technologies. He is currently working on tools to expand and amplify the electromagnetic fields of the heart using hypnotherapy and other modalities without the use of physical technology. He often leaves his audience laughing and being reminded of the natural joy within.

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