David Mason

The War of Art

Self advocacy for the artist advocacy for the artist in the context of mindful warriors resisting a dominator paradigm. Using an ancient tradition of self awareness born in Africa’s bloodshed and nourished in the bosom of Brazil’s social awakening we will be using movement, music and folklore to dissect the artists’ classic dilemma; to be or not to be.

Dave Mason had studied capoeira as a means of social and spiritual expression since 1996. Known as “Vara” in The world of Capoeira, this multi instrumentalist has traveled the Western Hemisphere spreading a message of peaceful resistance to the unhealthy practices that seem to have been normalized by our culture’s focus on skills that are in fact, contrary to survival. Vara has studied relentlessly alongside the most widely accepted masters of this art form. Having an artistic awakening during the 90 rave culture, he understands the impact a collective awakening will have. Vara will continue to insist that the purest forms of expression are discovered through resistance to a dominator paradigm and he will tirelessly work to spread the message that we are all beautiful and have our best lives to offer as examples to others of what can happen when we truly submit to our innermost creative impulses.