Jennifer Berryhill

Intro to the Way of the Sacred Tree

Jen will be sharing about The Star Path within the Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation giving you an introduction to the influences of the 13:13 Star Path.  You will learn how to work with these energies in the cycles of the moon and in your daily ceremony (life).Through the 13 Dimensions of the Sacred Tree of Life, pass 13 tests of 13 gates of 13 moons and 13 tones.  Ascend to the Frequency of LOVE.

JEN BERRYHILL (HINHAN TO WAS’TE WIN – BEAUTIFUL BLUE OWL WOMAN) – Co-Director for the Star Knowledge Conferences with Chief Golden Light Eagle

In 2009, at the beginning of her seeking journey, Jen attended her first Star Knowledge Conference in Farmington, New Mexico. The experience was incredibly activating and she discovered her love for ceremony and the teachings of the Symbols book, which quickly accelerated her Spiritual awakening. In 2014, Jen organized her first Star Knowledge Conference held in Loveland, Colorado and she lovingly continues to bring the Star Tribes together to gather and learn about the Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation with Chief Golden Light Eagle.

Jen is also a Sundancer, Shadow Coach, and teacher of the Star Ways. At the Star Knowledge Conferences you will now see Jen speaking, moderating, and facilitating the Sacred Sisters Ceremony and teaching about the 13:13 Star Path in addition to welcoming you to the event!