Kiki Connects

Kiki Connects

Embody Your Guru

Every single person on this Planet Earth is a totally unique expert of their own path. They are the guru of their story, the wise sage of the challenges they have overcome, the alchemist in their own flavor of life.

In this workshop, participate in different experiences and activities that will help dissolve common judgments and stereotypes of what makes someone a guru. By the end, each person will each know fully well what “unique guru flavor” they bring to the table, stepping out more confident, and with complete clarity of who they are – letting their true authentic guru selves shine. Oh, and not to mention they will have access to many new gurus (sitting right next to them!) they didn’t even know existed before the session began. From hypnosis, guided meditations, free form movement, and partner healing work, each person will have lifted so many veils we might need to get a closet to put the veils in.

Clearing the Womb Workshop

Collectively, we are harboring deep wounds in our lower root and sacral parts of our bodies. From so much “third eye activation” being the mainstream ideal of connection to source, we are ignoring the parts of ourselves that connect us to our Earth Mother and ultimately ourselves. We came here to ground, to be human, to ascend with Pacha Mama by our side. Together, let’s activate and ground into our root, sacral, and womb energies in order to embody the ascended beings we came here to be. 

Kiki Connects is a transformational guide. She facilitates supportive spaces in order to step into the true and authentic you – in the grooviest ways possible. Through her guidance, explore realms you never imagined exist. These realms have been here, within you, and they’re waiting to be unlocked. She supports you in unlocking your true divinity, connecting you deeper to yourself and those around you. To the highest vibrational you. Kiki is a Reiki healer, communication specialist, tantric and sacred sexuality guide, and a transformational coach. She teaches authenticity to all ages, embraces God in everyone, and loves to be the bright bubbling ray of sunshine when it’s most needed. Which is all the time, correct? For more info, visit:

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not plan to sit.”  – Nelson Henderson