kristopher “satya sound” rein

Sympathetic Vibration

North Indian classical sitar music performing raga and tala. Raga is a scientific melodic framework within which a musician has infinite scope to elaborate by permeating and combining different notes and patterns to create a tapestry of sound. Raga also evokes certain moods, or rasas, to create and reflect emotions, times of day and seasons. Tala is a framework of a number of beats which is played by the tabla. They number from 3 to 108, although the most commonly used are 3,7,8,10,12 and 16. Together raga and tala form a complete system of sonic cohesion that take the listener to a place of meditative unity. Kristopher will present sitar music from a lineage 8 generations deep from the etawah gharana of north India. My teacher, padmashree ustad shahid parvez Khan has guided me and blessed me to present.