Matthew Mournian

Multidimensional Awareness and Intuitive Activation

In this workshop we will be discussing what is really happening in our bodies during this ascension process and how we can further develop our multidimensional intuitive awareness. We will talk about the phenomenon of negative energetic manifestations such as implantation, entity attachment, and blocked emotion – learning the why, how, and what we can do about it. Once armed with this new knowledge we will then go through a unique group multidimensional clearing protocol designed to remove dead energy, implantation, or blocked emotion from the body through the process of Scalar Toning and Timeline Unification.

“Matthew Aaron Mournian is a multidimensional energy healer, intuitive empath, and psychic reader specializing in clearing, balancing, and removing negative energetic attachments from the body. His current mission involves assisting with the activation and integration of the multidimensional frequencies that exist within each of us.

Matthew’s current energetic practice uses a 3 part protocol of Tarot/spirit guide consultation, elements of hypnotherapy, and then direct energetic transmission of multidimensional energy to release implantation, blockage, or trauma from the body. As a lifelong ET Contactee, former addiction counselor, and mental health professional his work also extends to those seeking counseling for MILAB/ET abduction, SSP/MAP deprogramming, and survivors of ritual abuse. At this stage of our collective and individual evolution Matthew’s primary focus is on healing and clearing the negative energetic threads that block us from truly knowing ourselves and realizing our life’s mission. Whether that be through intuitive consultation, energetic healing, or implant removal it is his mission to assist with the empowerment and liberation of mankind on its path of awakening into the magic of our multidimensional existence.”