Nicole Hurley

Qigong at 10:30 am in the Cimarron Center

Learn to tap into your innate healing power with this ancient gentle practice. Qigong is a moving meditation that offers healing support for a myriad of issues that pertain to physical, mental and emotional imbalances. In this class we will open up the energy gates and meridians with gentle dynamic stretches. There will be a focus on releasing blockages and stagnant energy to create space and clear pathways for a healthy flow of energy and an expansion of the auric field through breath, movement, healing sounds, visualization and meditation. This practice is wonderful for all ages and fitness levels. Let go of the stress and all that does not serve you to bring in all that serves your highest and greatest good. Experience a deeper connection to self, a greater sense of well being, inner peace and bliss with this beautiful practice.

“Medical Qigong is the Father of the more modern Acupuncture and it is sometimes referred to as Acupuncture without needles.” –

Nicole has taught Qigong for just over 3 years in Illinois. She recently moved to Arizona and is thrilled to be offering Qigong at our festival this year. She is also a licensed massage therapist, energy worker, and 200 RYT with a background in just about every style of dance. Nicole is currently studying metaphysical sciences and is always expanding her skillset and knowledge to be of greater service to others.