Get Involved and Make a Difference!

As a co-creative festival, RESONATE offers opportunities for artists, performers, creators, thought-leaders, presenters, healers and teachers to bring forth your gifts, talents and wisdom to share with thousands of festival attendees.

Options for Participation at #ResonateFest

  • Musical Artist, Band or DJ
  • Yoga Instructor (closed)
  • Panel, Film or Presentation (closed)
  • Workshop Instructor (closed)
  • Volunteer (closed)
  • Join The Street Team (closed)
  • Visual Performer (closed)
  • Live Painter (closed)
  • Art Project Class (for Kids Village)
  • Art Installation
  • Food Vendor
  • Gift, Craft & Clothing Vendor
  • Healing Arts Provider
  • Photography, Film & Media Pass

Please click on the listed option above for how you wish to participate. You’ll be directed to an application page to complete and submit to our event production team for review. Thank you for your support! We’re thrilled to have you on our festival team!