Presentations & Workshops

Resonate Fest offers an amazing variety of Presentations, Workshops and Sound Healing (indoors and outdoors). Below is a list of presenters from our event in 2019.

Alexis BuckAscension Symptoms & Cosmic Weather: Bridging Spirit & Science
Allison HolleyOf Light & Sound: Evolution of Feminine & Masculine Principles
Amalia CamaterosTREE SPIRIT RISING: Becoming an Antenna of Spirit
Amanda KimimilaStar Altar Ceremonial Calendar
Amanda Smith Elemental Anatomy
Angie Loren Bober Healing with Past Life Regressions
Bhairavi PatelDecoding the Language of Fear
Cassie Mavis Dance Your SASS
Celeste Leah AraizaPosture of Empowerment Training
Chief Golden Light Eagle11:11 Symbols & Star Knowledge Teachings
Christine DargonReaching Your Potential: Listen to and Love Yourself
Clare MichalikIntroduction to Ayurveda
Cristina Lorefice Laughter is a Serious Blissness
Cullen SmithThe Body Temple: Esoteric Anatomy
Gez Abel – Major Upcoming Astrological Events
Dai Bray Full Moon Ceremony
Danny PicardForgiveness Is Sexy, also Alchemy Of The Heart
David Mason The War of Art
Debbie DehmHooponopono Workshop
Evan ThibodeauIntroduction to Flow Arts & Poi
Jade & TYSedona Sonic Alchemy
Jennifer Berryhill 12:12 Symbols & Star Knowledge Wisdom
Kiki ConnectsAwaken Your Guru Within
Kimberly RaySourcing the Path of Intuitive Awareness
Krista HagmanLove at First Dance: Navigating Space, Connection & Freedom
Kristopher ReinSympathetic Vibration
Lisa DeviPrimal Flow & Sound Bath
Marga Samadhi Sound Ceremony, also Light Language Activation
Matthew MournianMultidimensional Awareness & Intuitive Activation
Nicole Hurley – Qigong
November Moon – Chakra Balancing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
Patrick Haize Astral and Energy Body Mechanics
Rachael Eve MarshallTeachings of the ancient Vedics, Science of Life
Rudy PoePermaculture – Growing a Sustainable Future
Scott AdamBreath of Awakening
Sophia WiestSex Magick & Orgasmic Potential
Stephanie Phelps – What’s the Deal with Crystal Skulls?
Steve Chong Manifest Your Dream Life Using the Law of Attraction
Tammy & Anthony ChinoHow to Heal With Frequency
Uqualla Ceremonial Theatre; Voice, Rhythms & Movement
Zachary Tyler & KJ Robinson SOMAWAKE – Empowered Embodiment