Rudy Poe

Permaculture: Design an Abundant, Nature-inspired Life!

Do you love the Earth?  Do you strive to live more sustainably and consciously?  Do you often look at where our industrial society is heading and wonder about the health of the planet and our future generations?  For five decades, the permaculture movement has offered a practical, wholistic lifestyle by focusing on care of people and care of the Earth.  Through this 1-hour workshop, you will learn about how you can start to design a simple, abundant environment for yourself, your community, and the Earth.

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Rudy Poe is a professional permaculture farmer, designer, and water harvesting landscaper.  He has designed a number of permaculture farms and mini-homesteads and currently runs his own permaculture project on his urban homestead in Tucson, Arizona.  With a passion for health, healing and people, Rudy promotes how building a relationship with nature can lead to dramatic personal and spiritual growth.