Sophia Wiest

Sex Magick & Orgasmic Potential

This is a a workshop on the Orgasmic Potential of woman: clitoral – A spot – G Spot – p spot – k spot – cervical – full body & squirting. I will give an anatomical rundown how to access each pleasure zone & address what might be getting in the way from reaching full orgasmic potential. We will then talk about using our sexual energy in a tantric way, how to cultivate – recirculate & use sexual energy for sex magick : protection, manifestation & empowerment. I would like to create a platform for people to ask questions and dive into the sexual education many of us never got. This workshop is for woman and couples.

Sophia has been studying tantra, holistic sexual education and woman’s embodiment practices for 5 years. I am a BlisSchool facilitator, this is a 200 training course in holistic sexuality, pelvic wellness and female orgasms. I also am a Shakti Spirit facilitator: 200 hour certification in tantric woman’s embodiment practices. I have studied erotic rituals at Agama yoga in Koh Phangan Thailand. I love to open up dialogue with woman and men about orgasm from a sexual education platform and move into the divine states we can access with this energy.