Steve Chong

How to Manifest Your Dream Life Using the Law of Attraction

This presentation is all about the subject of manifestation. It is often a nebulous topic and now is the time to get vitally clear on this subject! Based on my successful book and workshop called The Manifestor’s Playbook, you will learn the ABC’s of manifesting using the Law of Attraction explained in simple, plain English. This is not a wishy-washy metaphysical workshop but a practical workshop using proven techniques producing real results. We cover the universal laws that govern everything and how to raise your vibration in order to manifest all your heart’s desires! The workshops are optimal for a size of ten to twelve people but could be larger based on demand. This is the heart filled and spirit based workshop that everyone needs! I am ready to share my love of life, the healing arts and most of all how to MANIFEST!

Steve Chong is the author of two successful and popular books and workshops based on the content. His first book and workshop is called The Entrepreneur’s Playbook: How to Startup Your Dream Business and his second book and workshop is called The Manifestor’s Playbook: How to Manifest Your Dream Life Using the Law of Attraction. Steve is currently living his dream traveling across the United States right now on his Autumn tour and would love share my experiences on practical manifesting. He is also a certified Reiki healer, graduate of the University of Illinois and successful business owner of several different businesses.

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