Various styles of Yoga and Pilates classes are offered by qualified instructors. All classes are included in your Resonate Festival pass. Please bring a yoga mat or blanket, and your water bottle. Below are the classes from the 2019 Resonate Fest.

Kali Ray Torres – All Levels Hatha Yoga

An invigorating and recharging experience. Practicing this traditional style of breath and movement integration will build heat and also calm the overactive mind. Modifications of all movements will be articulated in a way beginners and experienced students can follow easily and enjoy. Energize and awaken the dynamic expression of heart opening and meditative qualities. Rounding out the practice with a sequence of relaxing (yin) and deeply expansive movements that give relief to the entire spine. This class is all about bringing ease and stability into flowing movements for all levels. Get ready to feel alive and thrive in this one hour of integrating active and passive movement with traditional Hatha Yoga.

Krista Hagman – Four on the Floor – Embodiment, Yoga & Exploration

The world of movement often focuses on our vertical experience of the body, with two feet planted on the ground. Additionally, on the opposite end of the spectrum, we can explore the world of seated postures. The middle ground between standing tall, and sitting still is a whole terrain of primal movement, with our four limbs exploring the floor. In this playshop, we experience the stabilizing and strength building opportunity to venture around the world, on all fours. We will embody the development of human movement, and explore the innocence, curiosity, and integrity required to move about with four on the floor.

Krista Hagman
Clare Michalik

Clare Michalik – Prana Flow // Pranayama + Hatha Flow

This yoga class with be focused on breath and body awareness. I will spend half to time teaching pranayama exercises to direct energy and shine light to specific body areas. The other half with be a gentle hatha flow focusing on body alignment and breath.

Jac Sayre-Switzer – Aromatherapy & Restorative Yoga

Touch is a powerful healing tool. Both as an individual experience and as a multiple person experience. Join Jac for 75 minutes of slowly moving, receiving touch [optional] and igniting the sense of smell. We will start with individual or partner massage using a customized essential oil blend, flow through restorative poses and experience hands on feel good adjustments. This is an all levels, ages and genders class.

Taylor Kurz (Kirtan Gopal) – Accessing the Infinite through the Limited Form

Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. A portion of the practice will include lecture, followed by a tantric Kundalini practice. A large focus of this will be the importance of using the energy generated in the practice to channel it into devotion and dharmic action of serving creator’s creation in a manner that is integrated, grounded, and most important for what we are currently and collectively experiencing on this planet. Taylor Kurz/Kirtan Gopal (ERYT-500), has been a student of yoga since 2002 and is currently studying as an Ayurvedic Practitioner with an emphasis in Pancha Karma and clinical yoga therapy. Taylor leads sadhana along side of being a co-teacher in Seven Centers Hatha, Kundalini, and Advanced Therapeutic yoga teacher trainings, and has been doing so since 2016.

Holly Miele – Anima Flow Ground Flow

In our technology driven, modern world, we have lost the connection to our natural instincts, intuition and psychic abilities. This intensive is intended to bring us back to our natural flow state where we can easily access these subtle signals. Anima Flow is movement exploration and movement therapy. We use movement to tap into our physical and emotional blockages. It is also a space to express oneself creatively and emotionally. In the signature movement class, the ground is our apparatus. We incorporate yoga, dance, primal movement, floor flow and calisthenics, using just our body weight to create a freestyle movement that is natural to the individuals body. Knee pads and layers are recommended.

Grant Ifflander – Journey Into the Heart – Bhakti Slow Flow

Grant Ifflander

Experience yoga as a fully embodied, heart-centered prayer. Move with sweetness through postures designed to awaken our innate intelligence; tuning the body as an instrument of a divine orchestra. Connect deeply with your own life-force, your vital essence. Paint the air with your skin as you dance inside your body to the heart’s sacred song.

Erica Peterson – Third Eye Yoga

This All Levels Yoga Class is designed to help the students tap into that inner place of peace and tranquility, while also giving you a rush of feel good energy and confidence. Heal, center, and awaken the students to their fullest potential and leave them with a natural high.

Vo Vera – Balances & Inversions

Vo Vera

All levels circus-style, yogic and breaking (break dance) inspired inquiry into various 2- and 1-arm balances, including headstand, forearm/uneven forearm, handstand, crow/crane, chair, baby freeze/side crow, stab/croc, and more handstands. Content also includes balances on feet, shoulders and seat. Bringing awareness to each posture’s foundation, skeletal alignment, energetic engagement and a few other points of focus, this workshop will invite a safer way to play upside-down.

Joshua Param Sevak – Kundalini Awakening Yoga

Connect your deepest source of power and creativity with the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. Using Kriyas, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and Mantra, we will greatly amplify our radiance and awareness, to experience the yogic state of Unity. Accompanied by live DJ & music.

Jacob Daffner

Jacob DaffnerVinyasa Flow

This Vinyasa style yoga class centers around the physical body, and breath, to help focus the mind. Jacob teaches at festivals across the country and makes playlists that add to the energy of the yoga class and contain music exclusively from artists playing at the festival. This all levels class contains plenty of opportunities for people to modify or advance as needed- a practice that meets you where you are. The focus is on challenging the body, calming the mind, and connecting the spirit.

Grace Sangat Gian – Natural High with Kundalini Yoga

In a world well practiced in anxiety, sweet rebel, practice infinity. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient lineage of training in which the spinal column is recognized as the central conductor of energy through the body. When the flow of energy from the base of our spine to the top of our head is uninterrupted, we experience a radical awareness of how naturally connected we are to existence. We experience a presence so clear, it is timeless. Experience physical asana, breath work, gong bath and mantra with mudra to cleanse and elevate your whole system into a natural high.

Corinne O’Connor – Yin and Sound Healing

Guided Meditation “Yoga Nidra”, transitioning into a sound healing using crystal quartz singing bowls and gong.

Christine Dargon – Yoga Shred® (Yoga + HIIT) Inspired Class

These Fierce Yoga + HIIT Workouts Will Get You Fit, Faster Than Anything Else! These flow classes, a mix of slow-twitch muscle stability yoga and fast-twitch whole body sculpting action, will kick your regular yoga or fitness practice into high gear. It is designed to keep you stronger–and safer–than ever. While doing this signature fusion of yoga flow and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) moves, you’re doing the best possible exercise there is. We’ll do yoga flow for balance, stamina, centering, flexibility and detox…and creative, fierce HIIT for all the cardio optimization, calorie and fat burn, lifted, toned muscles and deep DNA repair that yoga alone can’t give you. Modifications given for most levels and abilities Let’s rock this together!

Hari Jap – Intro To Kundalini Yoga and Gong Meditation

Introduction to Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga and end with a Gong Meditation

Alyssa Sawyer – Sunshine Flow – A fun sun salutation flow.