Zachary Tyler & KJ Robinson

SomAwake: A Cacao and Fire Activated Embodiment Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing

Come gather with community and experience the sacred healing and empowerment of a cacao and fire ceremony before moving into a lightly guided somatic ecstatic dance to integrate and deepen the  relationship between you, your body’s healing wisdom , the connection with other tribe members and Gaia herself. 

Together, KJ and Zachary will create a safe space for you to tend to the wounds of our selves and the earth as we transform, embody and celebrate truth and our collective empowerment. Then to finish our practice and dance we will move into a sound healing to help integrate and ground our experience. 

KJ Robison is an intuitive guide, artist  and a energy and fire medicine practitioner. Her healing magic stems from her connection to Spirit and Mother Earth. @kjbreathes

Zachary Tyler is a body~energy worker, yoga teacher, embodiment guide and musician. His healing art is focused on the reclamation of our authentic selves in order to evolve and live in to our human potential. @iamz.tyler

Zachary will also be offering integrated body in our Resonate Festival Healing Oasis. Receive energy work modalities including cranio-sacral, esalen, myofacial, reflexology, Swedish, Thai and shiatsu.