Uqualla – Friday or Saturday
Ceremonial theatre- Voice, rhythms, and movement
Uqualla, is a spiritual emissary, expert ceremonialist, and universal wisdom keeper, born of the Havasupai Tribe that resides in the Grand Canyon. The remote home land of the Havasupai people is located in Havasu Canyon, which is accessible only by foot, horseback, or helicopter. Uqualla had a beautiful up bringing as he was the grandson of a Medicine Man and the son of a woman who lived in the traditional Havasupai lifestyle and rituals of hunting, deer tanning, gourd making, singing and dancing.

As a recognized ceremonial entity and spiritual advisor, he is often asked to officiate unions, births, blessings, transformations and healings. In these ceremonies he uses what he calls his tools of the spirits; eagle feathers, bones, medicine plants, drums, gourds, fire, and water. With his vast knowledge of different spiritual ceremonies he has come to be known by many titles; Intuitive, Lecturer, Workshop Facilitator, Ceremonial Life Coach, Medicine Man, Sage, Storyteller, Wisdom Keeper and Priest.
Uqualla has made it his life’s mission to influence spiritual enlightenment seekers world-wide and bring truth and universal knowledge to all he encounters. His work has brought him all over the world presenting in the United States, Japan, Europe and South America.
Uqualla’s authentic, gentle, and humorous nature allows him to cater to all levels of spiritual knowledge and awareness. He works to reignite each individual’s connection to source in a unique and profound manner. Join Uqualla as he shares his beautiful Havasupai traditions mixed with modern spiritual p

Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Grant Thompson Nixon and Nikoletta Dax (sunset)
40-60 person Sacred Cacao Ceremonial circle with Cacao sourced sustainably from Guatemala. After drinking, we will have a guided meditation to connect with the spirit of this sacred medicine and then a musical sound journey to let it’s energy flow though us. 60-90 mins long.
I am a 500 RYT yoga instructor who teaches Peruvian Shamanism for the School of Yoga Institute’s 300 hour Yoga teacher trainings. I specialize in sound medicine journeys and have led many sacred medicine circles including cacao and other plant medicines. I am working with Nikoletta Dax who will be helping me hold space and providing musical accompaniment. You can read my bio here at my school’s website: Thank you so much for creating sacred space for us to hold this powerful ceremony! Aho!

Elemental Anatomy with Amanda Smith (morning)
It is my intention that during this presentation, we review the “wireless anatomy of man” through elemental terms, in compliance with Polarity Therapy teachings. We will move through each element and get a sensory/palpable experience with each of them. The intention of this workshop is to empower people to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening and presenting in their lives.
More can be found at my website ( but, I began a deep healing journey in 2012 after becoming completely fed up with not feeling well and not being fulfilled in the world. I studied Holistic Nutrition, and then moved into Polarity Therapy, and finished my schooling with massage. Polarity Therapy has been the single greatest tool in my awakening process and understanding of the micro and macro human experience. Grateful to share this work in the world.

I would also love to teach a morning meditation in the women’s tent, as we breath through our energy bodies and clear through each element. Jah bless your journeys and your sweet work.

Primal Flow & Sound Bath with Lisa Devi
Primal Flow & Sound Bath is an all-levels, creative vinyasa flow that meets you right where you’re at, with a musical collaboration with DJ Hummingbird and GEM (drumming/guitar). This class is focused on circular movements synched with the breath, and also offers longer holds to deepen and strengthen your practice. You can expect to be challenged, plenty of modifications, beautiful music, opportunities for stillness and reflection, as well as an evolving soundscape of crystal bowls for a deep savasana.
Lisa Devi completed her 200-Hour training with Kripalu, her 500-Hour advanced training with Moksha, and continues to train for her 1,000-Hour training with Kripalu. Her purpose and passion is to expand awareness by guiding students through practices of self-discovery to access the healer within. Through yoga, qigong, sound healing, and kirtan, her intention is to facilitate in each student’s cultivation of these powerful tools of discovery.

Decoding the Language of Fear with Bhairavi Shera
Fear is the single most detrimental energy that holds us back from everything that we have ever wanted in our lives. Fractals of fear programmed through our environmental experiences as young children have dismantled our trust in Self and the true creative power we wield through our voice and written expression. This workshop will teach you self-analysis methods to deconstruct your fear, helping you to decode the way you use language for healing and reconnection to your Source. Your communication intelligence will be upgraded to unlock key codes of your unique soul signature supporting you in discovering and activating your individual purpose here on the planet.
Bhairavi Shera is a Transformational Coach, New Earth Teacher and Master of Recoding Language. Her focus is healing trauma that are revealed in language patterns realigning energy towards highest, most authentic truth and expression. Shera’s devotion to self-inquiry and healing began early in life as she was introduced to Bhakti Yoga being raised with the philosophy of Jainism. The foundation of her spirituality has served her in acquiring education in many realms of human and spiritual development including Reiki Master Teacher Holy Fire III, Holistic Plant-Based Nutrition, Dynamic Bodywork, shamanism via sacred ceremonial plant teachers and formal psychic intuition mastery training. Shera completed a Master of Science in Education in 2009 with a focus on Communication Disorders providing her with proficiency in understanding language acquisition, cognitive-communication distortion and neuro-cognitive rehabilitation. Through her career as a clinician, she has served the entire lifespan of ages from 3 months – 106. Currently, Bhairavi Shera serves the collective by decoding the language of fear to unlock visionary power towards a lighted, harmonious and peaceful world, one human at a time.

Creating from the Center: Mandala Workshop with Ryan Blume
Join Visionary Artist Ryan Blume as he guides us through the process of the meditative art of Mandalas.

Starting from the center, our shared eternal soul essence, we will move outward in concentric circles, creating and expressing our unique selves in shape and color. No experience needed, as guidance will be provided on a group and individual level as needed. Each participant will leave with their mandala creation as an embodiment of their unique expression and artifact of their workshop experience that can help them recreate more mandalas on their own.
“A mandala is an expression of the unconscious self”

  • Carl Jung
    Artist Statement:

My artwork serves to document and catalyze the journey of conscious enlightenment. Drawing from the world’s esoteric, religious and shamanic practices, I intend to create a holistic visual representation of our collective destiny. Utilizing this multifaceted approach, I invoke the audience to self reflect and ultimately Self realize our eternal true Self.From the shadows of the unconscious to the luminous omnipresent Love and everything in between, I invite you along the soul’s journey toward ever divine awakening.

Love at First Dance: Navigating Space, Connection & Freedom with Krista Hagman
The dance floor is the playground to meet body to body, and enjoy the opportunity for souls to communicate through movement, gesture, and touch. In this playshop, you will be introduced to skills and techniques inspired by contact improv, partner fusion, and tango dance modalities. Learn to dance with the elements; and safely invoke, invite, and accept dances utilizing energetic consent, nonverbal communication, and playfulness. Join Krista to build confidence, welcome the world as your dance partner, trust the process of freedom, thrive in connection, and embody authenticity.
Krista Hagman is an embodiment ambassador, ERYT-500, and has been studying the dynamics of the human body for over a decade. Her teaching style emphasizes fluidity of movement, embodying nature’s elements, interpersonal harmony, and rejuvenation. In addition to teaching and facilitating retreats, workshops, and trainings, she is a writer, dancer, and community organizer. Her background in communication studies and Master’s Degree in Applied Social Sciences inform her in assisting self-healing through authentic-expression, playful surrender, and creative living. She is passionate about embodied movement, communal celebration, and play.

Sympathetic vibration with Kristopher Rein
I will present music from India based on anahata naad and sympathetic vibration
I’ll present sitar music from a lineage 8 generations deep from the etawah gharana of north India. My teacher, padmashree ustad shahid parvez Khan has guided me and blessed me to present.

Chakra Balancing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with November Moon
This offering begins with participants lying down or finding a comfortable seated position, sometimes with a mat, pillow, blanket and eye mask. Nova will take students through a guided meditation to help them relax and focus on balancing each of the chakras as the sounds of singing crystal bowls are slowly introduced and layered in succession.

Students may find themselves releasing into a deep state of relaxation, self-exploration and discovery, as the music and meditation stimulate alpha and theta brain waves. This is an opportunity for deep restoration, rejuvenation, and healing.
November Moon is a yogi, musician, and explorer based in Sedona, AZ. As a teacher, she is passionate about creating a space for students to tap into the pure potential inside of themselves. Her classes and workshops offer a safe space for students to connect with the power within, release limitations, and become more of who they came into this life to be- to the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

Awaken Your Guru Within with Kiki Connects
Every single person on this Planet Earth is a totally unique expert of their own path. They are the guru of their story, the wise sage of the challenges they have overcome, the alchemist in their own flavor of life.

In this workshop, participate in different experiences and activities that will help dissolve common judgments and stereotypes of what makes someone a guru. By the end, each person will each know fully well what “unique guru flavor” they bring to the table, stepping out more confident, and with complete clarity of who they are – letting their true authentic guru selves shine. Oh, and not to mention they will have access to many new gurus (sitting right next to them!) they didn’t even know existed before the session began.
From hypnosis, guided meditations, free form movement, and partner healing work, each person will have lifted so many veils we might need to get a closet to put the veils in.

Sex Magick & Orgasmic Potential with Sophia Wiest
I would like to present a workshop on the Orgasmic Potential of woman: clitoral – A spot – G Spot – p spot – k spot – cervical – full body & squirting. I will give an anatomical rundown how to access each pleasure zone & address what might be getting in the way from reaching full orgasmic potential. We will then talk about using our sexual energy in a tantric way, how to cultivate – recirculate & use sexual energy for sex magick : protection, manifestation & empowerment. I would like to create a platform for people to ask questions and dive into the sexual education many of us never got.
This workshop is for woman and couples.
I have been studying tantra, holistic sexual education and woman’s embodiment practices for 5 years. I am a BlisSchool facilitator, this is a 200 training course in holistic sexuality, pelvic wellness and female orgasms. I also am a Shakti Spirit facilitator: 200 hour certification in tantric woman’s embodiment practices. I have studied erotic rituals at Agama yoga in Koh Phangan Thailand. I love to open up dialogue with woman and men about orgasm from a sexual education platform and move into the divine states we can access with this energy.

Healing with Past Life Regressions with Angie Loren Bober
Angie will be facilitating a discussion about how past life experiences affect our current life, as well as, how accessing past lives can help heal current life issues, i.e. phobias, illnesses, relationships. She will then lead a guided past life regression meditation for the group.
Angie spent most of her life feeling like she didn’t fit in. She saw her first spirit at the age of 7 and when speaking about her experience was told what she saw couldn’t be real. Angie’s life was forever changed in 2012 when she was introduced to Reiki. Angie experienced much healing through Reiki, which helped her rediscover the beautiful gifts she has been blessed with. In October 2013, she studied Past Life Regressions with Dr. Brian Weiss and has facilitated 100’s of healings through this modality. Angie has continued her studies since and is now certified as: a Reiki Master Teacher, leading past life regressions, angel card reader, and akashic record cleansings.

Posture of Empowerment Training with Celeste Leah Araiza
Vitality in the human body functions within the same principles of fire and water by which this planet replenishes itself. This class gives immediate, direct, and fun tools for tapping into this natural life force energy and directing it to optimize health and peace of mind.
Optimizing health and high energy states naturally is one of Celeste’s favorite ways to “party”!
She draws on 24 years experience as a bodyworker, 20 years of Chi Gung practice and instruction, and her love for the new cutting-edge movement modality Bowspring to offer Posture of Empowerment Training. The exercises are simple in design but challenging as they cultivate deeper levels of strength and stability. All levels of fitness could benefit from these universal tools.

TREE SPIRIT RISING with Amalia Camateros

Roots Down-Branches High, grounding your energy and becoming an antenna of Spirit.

Tap into the power-point of Mother Earth, to ground your energy, and to stand tall and mighty as a tree with roots deep in the ground and branches high in the sky.

Amalia will invite you to anchor Earth’s wisdom into your own Body Wisdom and activate your Inner Tree of Light to re-fill, re-fuel and re-enliven your body temple.
This is an experiential class inviting you to embody some easy practices to incorporate into your busy day that will ground your mind into your body, allowing a more conscious connection to the greater whole.
We will conclude the class with a shamanic dance journey to embody the wisdom we have discussed.
Amalia Camateros, author of Spirit of the Stones- A Retrieval of Earth Wisdom, is a Shamanic Practitioner, Empowerment Guide, Intuitive & Energy Healer and Speaker, who started her healing career in Australia as a Naturopathic Doctor and has worked in the field of health and consciousness for over 25 yrs. She was the private health practitioner for the famous Australian rock band “INXS” for over 6 years. She is an ordained minister, ceremonial priestess, breath-work and workshop facilitator. She is highly intuitive and skilled as an emotional tracker who finds the subconscious glitch and brings it into conscious awareness for release and healing. Amalia utilizes the wisdom of the Earth and the “agents of power”: The Elements of the Earth, to help her clients get grounded, centered and connect them to the universe of Nature.
Amalia is well renowned for her EarthSpirit Shamanic dance journeys given at numerous festivals and as a facilitator of Ecstatic Dance in Sedona AZ.
She has inaugurated conferences and events for Alberto Villoldo, Jose Arguelles, David Hawkins, Michael Beckwith, and Robert Mirabal with her ceremonial prayerformances and has also worked shamanic dance segments into events and workshops for Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra and David Wolfe.

A service of her mastery is to inspire us to get embodied and centered, and to reconnect with the Earth and our Body as a sacred temple of Living Spirit. She will get you back on track, reawaken your Spirit and embody the wisdom of the Earth into your full potential self.
Along with her own practice at Earth Spirit Wisdom Healing, Amalia is also currently working as a Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual counselor at The Sanctuary of Sedona, a Shamanic Recovery Center for Addiction.

Ayurveda 101 – An Introduction to Ayurveda with Clare Michalik
This workshop will be an intro guide to ayurveda. As ayurveda is gaining awareness and interest in the wellness world, I think it’s important to open the conversation to help plant further seeds. The workshop will be an overview of what ayurveda is, the doshas, the 5 elements and 10 qualities. I will give common imbalance symptoms of each dosha and tangible practices that viewers could begin to implement into their daily rituals.

The main focus of this workshop is to open the conversation deeper about ayurveda and help people connect deeper to their mind, body and soul.
200hr RYT, Reiki level 2, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner (currently enrolled to be a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist with California College of Ayurveda)

Forgiveness Is Sexy with Danny Picard

People do their best with forgiveness. What is it really? When we “forgive” or make the effort to forgive, we often just push things aside energetically to allow peace within our lives.
However, memories are stroed deep within the cellular memory and DNA of the body as well. How do we clear fully and embrace our new found space of joy? What is the importance of self forgiveness? what benefits can we reach by letting go and fully releasing those trapped old memories begging to be let go. In this workshop, Danny will guide the audience through a discussion. His voice is highly coded with the divine energies of source. With the discussion, the energy starts moving and people start releasing things that have been yearning to be released.
After the discussion, Danny will guide people through an alchemical healing which will release many trapped patterns, programs and stories assosicated with pain, trauma, and anything not in alignment with the heart.

How do we get out of karmic loops? Let Danny take you through a soulful journey of release and liberation
Danny Picard CHt, OM
is a Spiritual Teacher and Influencer, Hypnotherapist, Energy Medicine Specialist, Consciousness geek, Highly Tuned Empath, Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master and Master Metatronia Therapist, He is one of 8 official Metatronia Workshop Facilitators on the planet and the only male doing so. He is an Initiate of the Order of Melchizadek, Producer of Heart-Warming Growth and Giggles, Unicorn Wrangler, and Spiritual Life Coach with focus on Empaths and Spiritual Awakening
With 23 years as a long-time meditator and 21 years of energy healing experience, Danny now specifically works with assisting doctors, psychotherapists and other healers with burn out and improving their abilities to assist others through heart coherance technologies. He is currently working on tools to expand and amplify the electromagnetic fields of the heart using hypnotherapy and other modalities without the use of physical technology.
He often leaves his audience laughing and being reminded of the natural joy within.

Sacred Masculine, Sacred Feminine: Workshop for Awakening with Allison Holley
Expanding on the information presented in my talk, “Of Light and Sound…”, this workshop will be a series of practices that will bring the participant to activate their sacred sexual self, beginning from the physical polarities of masculine and feminine and ending in the expanded principles of light and sound. Workshop will include:
*breathwork and meditation
*group and partnered sharing on specific topics
*dance and movement
*sacred sexual energy practices
My life purpose and greatest joy is to be of service through shining my light and being a grounded channel of unconditional love. I understand the game that is life, and so I know that you are also a master, going through the process of awakening to your higher-frequency truth.

In 2012, I found myself overwhelmed by the intensity of a spiritual awakening. I began seeing energy, and beyond our current time-and-space paradigm. Many new awarenesses and gifts opened up to me, including moments of spontaneous channeling and visions. Although it was a somewhat scary time, deep within I began to feel stillness, and a confirmation of what I had always felt: that I am here for a purpose, and that there is so much more to life that the standard human experience that we perceive.
Soon after I connected with my husband, Wind, and we traveled the world together for the next three years. This gave us time to process the many changes we were both going through, shedding old ways of being and integrating the New. Along our journey we met many beautiful people from all walks of life who were also experiencing awakenings – what an incredible time to be alive! We began offering our intuitive services for others, by way of energy work, intuitive coaching, and channeled guidance. In 2016, we returned to living in the US.
I have come to see that we are all unique and beautiful souls sharing this physical-realm experience together. Each of us has gifts to offer in the building of a newly awakening world. My approach to service is one of deep recognition for who You are, and a desire to help you uncover your brightness.
I offer energy work, channeled guidance, workshops, and public speaking to assist you along your path.
I am also the author of the new book, The Era of The True Creator

Alchemy Of The Heart: The importance of Heart Coherance with Danny Picard
In these times the importance of heart coherance is real. How do we increase our abilities to love ourselves and the world at large?
How do I heal my heart? What is the importance of the heart? What does a coherant heart-centered experience look like, feel like?

In this workshop, Danny Picard will discuss the importance of the heart and ascension, healing, heliophysics and the electromagnetic affect of the sun with emotions, spiritual evolution and self-empowerment. Then He will lead the audience into a hypnotic trance healing session to assist in heart coherance.
This workshop is all about heart technolgies and the applications of them to lead a healthy, balanced, and loving existance.

Of Light and Sound: the Evolution of Our Feminine and Masculine Principles with Allison Holley
As a channel and intuitive sexuality teacher, I am often exploring and receiving new information for our awakening age. My presentation, “Of Light and Sound” is recent revealed insights on how we are evolving our consciousness to make us more expanded creators, using the principles of light and sound as our energetic tools.
In 2012, I found myself overwhelmed by the intensity of a spiritual awakening. I began seeing energy, and beyond our current time-and-space paradigm. Many new awarenesses and gifts opened up to me, including moments of spontaneous channeling and visions. Although it was a somewhat scary time, deep within I began to feel stillness, and a confirmation of what I had always felt: that I am here for a purpose, and that there is so much more to life that the standard human experience that we perceive.

Soon after I connected with my husband, Wind, and we traveled the world together for the next three years. This gave us time to process the many changes we were both going through, shedding old ways of being and integrating the New. Along our journey we met many beautiful people from all walks of life who were also experiencing awakenings – what an incredible time to be alive! We began offering our intuitive services for others, by way of energy work, intuitive coaching, and channeled guidance. In 2016, we returned to living in the US.
I have come to see that we are all unique and beautiful souls sharing this physical-realm experience together. Each of us has gifts to offer in the building of a newly awakening world. My approach to service is one of deep recognition for who You are, and a desire to help you uncover your brightness.
I offer energy work, channeled guidance, workshops, and public speaking to assist you along your path.
I am also the author of the new book, The Era of The True Creator,

Full Moon Ceremony with Dai Bray
I would be honored to facilitate a Full Moon Ceremony on the night of the 12th.

Ceremony will honor The Moon, the elements, directions, Earth and Ancestors.
I will work directly with the intent of the Resonate Festival, in writing the Ceremony.
I have been leading ceremony, in service of the Goddess since age 13, and I was raised with Earth based, ancestral traditions. I have decades of experience & family background.

I have studied Eastern and Western traditions for over 30 years.
I have taught and presented on the East and West Coast in the USA.
I facilitated the Full Moon Ceremony for Firefly in 2014.
I presented Full Moon Ceremony and meditations for 13 Moon Tribe, in the Bay Area in the 1990’s.

Death Café with Alejandro Salinas
A Death Café is a group-directed discussion to practice the art of talking openly about our own mortality so as to squeeze the most juice from the fruit of our finite lives. Participants will have the opportunity to share their own, and listen to, a myriad of different views on death and dying in a safe space and inviting space. Anyone of any age, background, spiritual belief (or lack thereof!) is welcome to attend as the results are enriched by the variety of participants. Let’s break the taboo, together!
Alejandro is a Lucid Dream Guide, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Musician, and Certified End of Life Specialist. After a lifelong interest in Dreaming Alejandro began holding Lucid Dream Yoga workshops as part of his yoga teacher training in 2016 which lead into a deeper study of death, dying, and shadow work. Alejandro has volunteered to provide comfort touch to hospice patients and hosts Death Café’s regularly in the city of Chicago.

Discover The Dreamer with Alejandro Salinas
Dreams are deeply entrenched into our everyday lives, regardless of our consciousness of them. We spend nearly 1/3 of our lives asleep. We can use this time for healing, wish fulfilment, spiritual growth, creativity, and more. Whether you’re looking to kick start or deepen your dreaming practice, this workshop we will take a deeper look at our dreams and how to make the most of them, learn about Myths and History of Dreams, the Science of Sleep and Dreams, How to Improve Your Sleep, Dream Interpretation, Lucid Dreaming, Dealing With Nightmares and Sleep Paralysis, and the ancient practice of Tibetan Dream Yoga. This workshop will enhance your relationship with your dream life and shed light into the darkness we find in the night to Discover The Dreamer within you. Please bring a dream journal and something to write with.

The war of art with David mason
Self advocacy for the artist I. The context of mindful warriors resisting a dominator paradigm. Using an ancient tradition of self awareness born in Africa’s bloodshed and nourished in the bosom of Brazil’s social awakening we will be using movement, music and folklore to dissect the artists’ classic dilemma; to be or not to be.

Intro To Human Design with Abbey Road
Human Design is a marriage between ancient observable scientific systems (like astrology, the I’Ching, the Chakras, and Kabbalah’s Tree of Life) and contemporary science (biochemistry, quantum physics/mechanics, genetics, and astronomy) Referred to as our soul’s blueprint or our human user manual. Human design outlines a map of our soul’s contract with the Universe. Think of it like a giant master system that you can use a tool to work with and not against your energy. Most importantly, Human Design is not a religion. It’s not a belief system. It’s a resource.

The Harmonics of Awakening with Eric Rankin
Humanity has seemingly been gifted with keys, codes and clues to higher awareness for thousands of years. Joseph Campbell recognized many of these codes and called them “Mathematical Mythologies.” What most people fail to recognize is that these number sequences are frequency codes that, when played together, have the potential to truly shift your mind’s ability to see deep into the grid of creation. Nature follows these mathematical algorithms, yet humanity has been denied what perfect harmonics tuned to 432hz can do for our expansion of consciousness. You will learn the mysterious history of these frequencies and have the chance to dance to music you have never heard before on this planet!

Sourcing the Path of Intuitive Awareness with Kimberly Ray
Asa medium, I’ll be channeling live for the audienc, and offering guidance and insight for the guests to learn how to source their intuitive connection.

Reaching your potential: being able to truly listen to and love yourself with Christine Dargon
Interactive talk and meditations to facilitate attendees being better able to truly tune into and listen to their mind, body and emotions. In doing so, increase your ability to truly love and accept yourself which enables one to truly dream and reach our full potential.
Doctoral degree in counseling psychology. International speaker on this and many other topics for over 8 years.

Laughter is a Serious Blissness with Cristina Lorefice
I love spreading the healing waves of laughter and I do that in a unique way by
actively interacting with the audience. Our world is struggling with the negative health effects of stress, unhealthy lifestyles, food and other damaging habits. Laughter is a valid part of the solution. Everybody knows laughter feels good, but few realize it has a long documented list of positive, quantifiable physiological and psychological benefits that can be easily harnessed for better health; mind, body and soul. My presentation will give the audience information about the benefits of laughter and an experience of how it feels to practice. I will incorporate in the
presentation a series of laughter exercises as well as some joyful breathing
exercises to achieve a blissful state of mind. The audience will leave feeling
re-energised and re-freshed.

MANIFESTATION (How to Manifest Your Dream Life Using the Law of Attraction) with Steve Chong

This presentation is all about the subject of manifestation. It is often a nebulous topic and now is the time to get vitally clear on this subject!

Based on my successful book and workshop called The Manifestor’s Playbook, attendees will learn the ABC’s of manifesting using the Law of Attraction explained in simple, plain English. This is not a wishy-washy metaphysical workshop but a practical workshop using proven techniques producing real results.
We cover the universal laws that govern everything and how to raise your vibration in order to manifest all your heart’s desires!
The workshops are optimal for a size of ten to twelve people but could be larger based on demand. This is the heart filled and spirit based workshop that everyone needs!
I am ready to share my love of life, the healing arts and most of all how to MANIFEST!

SOMAWAKE – empowered embodiment with Zachary Tyler
I am an embodiment coach and want to offer a guided somatic dance meditation. With the intention of awakening our somatic intelligence though dance, yoga, breath work, and meditative techniques my class is design to empower people though embodiment. I am also a long time dancer, yoga teacher and a licensed massage therapist. I teach this class is Prescott where I am currently finishing my Degrees in holistic health and counseling at Prescott College.

The Dodecagon Experience is a one of a kind, 12 sided, 40’x40′ video installation that forms a broken 360 immersive environment. Six of the sides are filled with 10’x8.5′ rear projection screens the other 6 sides are open for people to enter and leave. 6 high power projectors are used to make a wrap around video environment that is visible inside and outside the structure. It can be used as a free standing installation, chill area or as a stage with surround sound by using one opening for the performers. This is a one of a kind installation, and completely designed and handmade by the artist, including all the video content. There is a fee to bring this installation.
Kevin Hackett, also known as Moabyte is a digital video artist residing in Mesa Arizona. He’s a been a working VJ and staple at Arizona raves and festivals since 2001. With over 500 shows under his belt you are guaranteed he knows how to bring the vibe of an event up several notches and understands the power good video and great production can bring to any event.

Live painter/paint display alexis lieffort
Creating a super stellar trippy RGB lighted art show! Including 2 RGB light boxes that showcase my art. Also live painting during the event! Painting has helped me express who I was, where I am going, and the ultimate love I want to create in the world. I often feel I channel high vibrational beings, sending love and positivity, and I translate this energy through bright colors, symmetry, and lately people. I love to work with extremely bright colors, it brightens the world. I also really love shapes, flow, and symmetry and it expresses our emotional and physical states, finding balance in the chaos. Creating has opened a whole new world within myself. The gift of expressing my feelings in this amazing medium and being able to share this with others for there own experience is so beautiful.

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