Walk-in Tent Camping and Car Camping at Jackpot Ranch overnight is included with your 4-day / 3-night festival pass. You may arrive anytime Thursday or Friday between noon and 7pm to set up. Carpooling is highly recommended!

Once you set up camp, your vehicle may not leave the premises until after noon on Sunday. Off-site parking is available at the nearby Casino if you need to use your vehicle at all during the weekend. Shuttles available back and forth to casino. Everyone must depart the ranch by 4:00 PM on Sunday.

RV hookups are limited and (in addition to your festival pass) cost $44 per night or $88 for the whole weekend. Contact us if you’d like to reserve an RV spot.


Earth: You comfort is most important, so bring shade structures and chairs. Cars and tents will be packed in tight on an open field, so plan for close quarters festival-style camping. Pack out EVERYTHING you bring! Stake down canopies and tents, and bring rainflies to stay protected from any inclement weather.

Air: October is the best time to be in central Arizona with temperatures generally in the 70-80’s during the daytime, and in the 50-60’s at night. Of course the weather is always unpredictable, so be prepared for anything. Pack comfortable shoes and clothing for warm days and cool nights.

Water: Potable water will be available on-site to fill up your water bottles. Please bring reusable water containers rather than disposable plastic bottles. The water in the ponds is not safe to drink or swim. You’re welcome to paddle boat – life jackets provided. No swimming at any time.

Fire: There are 3 campfire rings on-site for shared evening use. Fires are not permitted other than these 3 designated areas. Small camp gas stoves are fine, however no open flames or charcoal grills. Do not bring any sparklers or fireworks!

Sound: Amplified sound will cease by 10:00 PM. A late-night dance party will be offered off-site at the nearby casino. Shuttles available to transport those who choose to attend. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there will be drumming and acoustic jams around the campfire, as well as several late night activities. You can lock your car, but PLEASE DON’T SET YOUR ALARM, as we want to avoid loud disturbances.

Food: Food Trucks and vendors will sell various food and beverage options. You’re welcome to bring and prepare food at your campsite. No glass! Minimize food packaging and reduce your waste. Recycling bins will be provided. Bring compostable items to the Kids Village so they can feed to the pigs and chickens.

Alcohol: is NOT permitted at Resonate Festival. There will be no alcohol for sale. Why? Because it is too much of a liability at this property, and we prefer to not have the chaotic energy of alcohol at this event. Thank you for understanding and respecting the ranch property! However there will be a Wild Tonic Kombucha Bar will several flavors of fresh Kombucha on tap!

Cannabis: If you have an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card, you may partake in cannabis products. Please be discreet if you smoke, as Resonate Fest is a family friendly event, and we don’t want to impose upon or offend anyone attending.