Manifestation Story

Project Manifest at Starseed Kids Camp, March 2019

Our Resonate Festival Story began on Spring Equinox when a gifted sound-healing journey was graciously bestowed on a kids camp at a ranch near Sedona, Arizona. Through the alchemy of sound and a serendipitous meeting of minds and hearts, a profound resonance within our souls sparked the creation of this epic event.

A shared vision for a music, art and yoga festival generated a current of synergetic energy, as we knew in that magic moment that this immense project was for us to do, and Jackpot Ranch was the venue to do it. Since then, we’ve developed a marvelous dream team of dedicated professionals and visionaries to organize and produce this ever-expanding multifaceted event – a true labor of love.

Working steadfastly with a growing group of light warriors in four time zones, we’ve pooled our resources, talents, skills and experience to manifest our collective vision into reality. The miraculous unfolding of this prodigious process is a wonder to behold, as we’ve received tremendous support and positive response regarding our event concept. We are incredibly blessed with all who have committed to participate.

Jade Lyons, with Project Manifest, has secured top-tier headline performers. His background, connections and determination is fueling this concept into fruition. Christy Grace, with Leading Edge Productions, is our webmaster and helps manage communications, production and promotions. Joe Quade, of Bam Creates, is a highly-respected promoter with extensive experience in hosting large-scale events in the Chicago area. Neal Sacheck, is our graphic artist who brings our visions to life with his inspired graphical expertise in designing stunning imagery.

In addition to our core production team, several powerful co-creators have jumped on board to support this project. Matt, with The Box Office is our ticketing partner. Dexx is managing logistics for sound, stage, lighting and glamping. Liezyl has a team seeking sponsorships. Elaine is working with vendors. Celeste is handling the Healing Arts Tent. Cher is managing the yoga stage and helps with marketing. Glora will supervise all volunteers. Mic is overseeing the Kids Village. And this is just a starter list of all the amazing people who’ve come forward to assist in various ways.

Our combined creative energy is a natural symbiotic flow, as we consciously craft this extraordinary event to inspire and entertain all those who choose to share this experience. We appreciate all who support this momentous occasion. We ask that you hold this collective intention with us, as we gather together to transcend, integrate, elevate… RESONATE. What we believe to be possible, defines what we are capable of creating!

We look forward to sharing this vision with you. With joy and gratitude, Resonate Fest Tribe *

Sound Healing Journey by Project Manifest at the River House.